Friday, 23 August 2013

Azad Sherni


Azad Sherni

Shikaryat book of joy Admison, and translated by the mehmood Sham sahib into urdu language.these type of book mostly have a real story and self journy of the story writer, and written his personal experiences in the contain a forest hunting material. but this book have a story of that female chilled of lion who breath and young in the hand of human, and he become love with his human parents at stage of young female lion, its a beautiful story book of lions.this book are translated by the another auther whos name after novel book name Aazaad Shairni by mehmood sha.

Free Download Urdu novels Urdu stories and Books, pdf Format. Download below Link and enjoy.Azad-Sherni By joy Adamson .A Great Novel is written by joy Adamson .if you want to any books please send me comments.inshAllah we will try to solve your problem.Thankx for visiting

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