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History of Muhammad S.W


Here is history of Muhammad s.w.When you talk about the historical personalities, Hazrat Mohammad PBUH is the greatest person among all. Prophet Mohammad PBUH is the last and perfect Prophet of Allah. We are pleased to share Prophet Mohammad PBUH Islamic history in Urdu. Prophet Mohammad PBUH was the greatest scholar. His teachings are regarded the most valuable and acceptable knowledge. Not only Muslims but also non-Muslims are greatly inspired with his character and commend his nobility. Prophet Mohammad PBUH taught human being that how to be gentle and kind with other people and even with the animals. Allah gave him the biggest miracle of humanity, the Quran. Quran is a book that provides the instruction from Allah to human being that how to spend life in a right way. Prophet Mohammad PBUH was a great model for all the humanity.prophets-in-islam

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the greatest personality in the world and He was the best human being among all the humans existed on the earth. He (PBUH) was born on 20 April 571 (12 rabe ul awal) in MAKKAH. The names of his father and mother are Abdullah and Amina bint Wahb respectively. His father was died in his early age and his grandfather Abdul Mutlib raised Him. Due to the tradition of the Arabs of that time, He (PBUH) was given to a woman named Haleema Saadia to raise Him. She took Him to her village and used to bring him back every six months to meet his mother. He (PBUH) lived in Bani Saad valley for four years. His mother died when he was six years old. Then his grandfather Abdul Mutlib raised Him and died when He (PBUH) was reached at the age of eight. So He (PBUH) moved in with his uncle Abu Talib (brother of his father) and toured Basra and Syria with him for trade. At the age of twelve during his journey to Syria, they met a Christian fortuneteller. He told His uncle that He (PBUH) bears all the indications, which have indicated in the Bible and Tanakh that He (PBUH) will be the next and last messenger of God for the whole human kind. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) took part in the battle of Fujar when He (PBUH) was 15 years old. He (PBUH) deal in several trading businesses. He (PBUH) married to a widow named Hazrat Khadija (R.A) at the age of 25 years. He (PBUH) was given the duty of a messenger of God by the angel Gabriel at the age of 40. Due to the cruel actions of the non-believers, He (PBUH) migrated to the city of Medina. In 8 Hijri, He (PBUH) took back the charge of Medina without fighting a battle. He (PBUH) died at the age of 63 and was buried in His own room. His grave is situated inside the Masjid-e-Nabvi in Medina. For further details, concern the topic below on “Hazrat Mohammad PBUH in Urdu”.

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